Rafael Rodrigues, 25 years old. Goiânia - GO

"My name is Rafael Rodrigues, I'm 25 years old. I'm from Bahia but I'm currently living in Goiânia.

I bought the Jambu and Patauá Shampoo and the story with this product was very interesting because I was having a lot of problems with hair loss and also with dry hair. So this "gift" came at a good time because it has strength and regeneration as a principle, it is a natural product, the smell is delicious, I like it a lot; the texture and color bring something very careful just like 'handmade' product.

We can see the details and attention to quality of the product. It is certainly a brand that we can identify as something natural, it is delicious.

I always had a hard time identifying shampoos for myself because some brands left my hair with dandruff, other brands left it very dry and others made my hair fall out… then this one came along (Acmella) and it was a success.

Highly recommend!"

Lílian, Macapá - AP

"I'm loving the product. It's excellent. My skin feels different. It's better than another product I used before. I used another moisturizer before, but now I just want yours. 

I am loving the serum and hand cream. I've never seen a product that really feels the difference in the skin. 

I don't feel attacked. As I am vegetarian, I buy these products and I feel that it is a differentiated product. Congratulations on the products, because they are products that work."

Marília de Nazaré, 24 years old. Macapá - AP

Question: What product did you purchase?

Fortifying Shampoo and Shine and Softness Conditioner.

Question: Did the product alleviate your pain and meet your expectations?

I bought it because I have hair allergy problems, due to an allergic predisposition and the daily use of cream.

It eased my pain and always when I wash my hair, my scalp feels clean and the allergy stops.

Question: Was the smell, color and appearance was what you expected from a natural cosmetic product?


Question: Does the chemical composition help to see that it is natural?

Certainly. As well as the texture, color and flavor.

Question: Do you agree to have a deeper Acmella experience by adding therapies?

Sure! I believe that natural substances, capable of taking care of hair, have the potential to offer positive experiences.

Thais, Senador Canedo - GO

"My name is Thais, first I want to show that I'm without makeup, something I couldn't do, I couldn't leave the house without great productions on my skin; because my self-esteem was very "down there".

Now that I've managed to treat it, I'm able to leave with tranquility.

I met Mayara when my acnes were very inflamed... my body was all inflamed and I had already given up, I had already treated with some products, I had already done a skin cleaning to see if the oiliness decreased... but nothing resolved.

So when I met her, she explained to me that I needed to treat the inflammation of my body first, from inside out, and then it would show the healthy “being” and my skin would show it.

So with the treatment she helped me with, I took care of food, I took care of my skin and I am happy and pleased to do this today.

I am very happy, very satisfied with the result. Many people tried to dissuade me from taking treatment with very strong drugs, but I never wanted to because I don't believe this is the way. I'm in no rush, I don't need a "fast-food" treatment. I want to take care of myself every day, just like women used to do... and they were healthy, they had healthy skin.

In nature we find everything we need to take care of ourselves. God has already given it all to us. So with Mayara I was sure that this was the ideal treatment for me.

I'm very happy, very satisfied. This is my experience and I hope you can have the same result and be happy, grateful to God for giving us everything we need through nature."

Cristiane, 48 years old. Senador Canedo - GO

"I come through this, to express my testimony in having the opportunity to meet Mayara, the person who developed the Acmella products, I have been using it for 2 years and I am surprised by the result, my skin is acne-prone and very oily, and with the use daily, the oiliness has decreased, the skin is smooth and firm, I feel very good today when I look at myself in the mirror. I use practically the entire line of Acmella cosmetics and I am having improvement results

I want to clarify here that it is a joint work on food and skin care, I am changing my eating habits, Mayara is with me and I feel lighter, more resistant in physical activities and at home.

I leave here my gratitude to God for the opportunity to meet Mayara! Thank you so much my friend for the performance, effort in this development project and care for people, you never measured effort in giving your best. Congratulations!!!"

Edinamar, 44 years old. Goiânia - GO

"My name Edinamar Sena Pires, and I'm from Goiânia GO. When I looked for Acmella beauty, I was in a moment of great emotional instability, low self-esteem, feeling that life was not colorful and, having problems such as early menopause. Then I was instructed to use some products that the company offers and and since then I can't be without, because they offer me what I'm looking for.

What bothered me the most was the symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, lack of libido) so I started to use the oil and I really felt that the symptoms began to practically disappear. I also use a chantilly for my pain, which is wonderful!!!!

So I highly recommend your products!!!!"