The 8 natural remedies

Science in the form of research, magazine articles and television advertisements have been alerting us to the dangers of sunbathing for a long time.

However, today we also know that, although hyper-exposure is really not recommended, daily contact with sunlight is very important for maintaining health.

Sunlight promotes a series of chemical reactions in the body.

When the skin is exposed to the sun, its rays trigger blood pressure control mechanisms, for example.

Nor can we forget vitamin D, a hormone that brings many benefits and is associated with the prevention of a number of diseases.

Therefore, controlled exposure to sunlight, without the use of chemical protectors, should also be part of our routine.

But don't forget, the use of sunscreen is as much a part of our daily lives as sunbathing!


Air is the second of natural remedies.

The ideal is to live in environments with low levels of pollution, where the air is still pure, free of particles and chemical components that harm the body.

However, we know that this is not always possible.

That's why Acmella recommends: Whenever there is an opportunity, be in contact with nature.

Take walks in the woods or park at least on weekends.

But remember that fresh air is not just the quality of the air you are breathing, but HOW you are breathing it! It is essential to know how to breathe deeply.

The correct way to breathe is to breathe in through your nose, taking in as much air as possible.

The chest should expand at this point, causing oxygen to completely fill the lungs.

When exhaling, it is also important to expel all the air that was inside the lungs to eliminate carbon dioxide completely.


Food is one of the main natural remedies. It needs to contain all the macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) that the body uses to obtain energy, produce new cells and regulate its functions.

Maintaining a healthy diet is simpler than people realize.

However, as our palate is used to feeling pleasure with options that are not good for the body, changing habits can be challenging.

Food can be a source of healing or also cause a series of diseases. Therefore, it is worth changing the menu, even if it means going through a process of relearning how to eat healthy foods and eliminating those that are not good for us from our routine.


This is a fundamental factor for our health and also our great ally to self-esteem.

The feeling of well-being obtained through the production of endorphins helps us sleep better, maintain a stable weight, avoids and also helps us overcome depression, in addition to being related to cancer prevention, among other benefits.

Physical activity is also responsible for preserving muscle mass, contributing to maintaining physical strength, protecting joints and favoring mobility. We must not forget that it also plays a fundamental role in strengthening the heart, stimulating the good functioning of the intestine, increasing immunity and preserving cognitive functions, due to the production of neurotransmitters that benefit psychic tone and mood.

The amount of exercise recommended by the World Health Organization is 150 minutes a week of moderate activity or 75 minutes of intense activity. Therefore, 5 sessions of 30 minutes a week are enough to greatly improve your health and quality of life.

Let's face it, the feeling of accomplishment and well-being after doing a series of exercises is extremely pleasurable. How about making this part of our life?


It's not just about sleeping! Rest is just as important as exercise.

The body and the brain need this period of rest to recover from the day's effort, organize the information received, produce new cells and important hormones to regulate the functioning of the organism.

Lack of restful sleep is associated with a range of physical and mental health issues.

Insomnia increases the chances of developing diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, inflammation, depression and other mental disorders.

So if you can't sleep well, it's important to make an effort to start having restorative nights.

Rest and sleep habits are a set of actions that can help us condition our body and mind for that moment of rest that is so important for our health and well-being.

In addition, resting, resting, stopping, are part of this process.

The exhausting routine of business days sometimes doesn't allow us to stop and the body complains. Demonstrating in the form of wear, changes in the skin, mood, hair and intestines.

It is necessary to know how to stop! Our body is not a machine and needs rest. Stop, breathe, pray, meditate, listen to a song.


Better known as Equilibrium, this domain teaches us to moderate everything that makes us feel good and practice abstinence in relation to what causes illness. We need to dose what we eat, the exercises we do, the amount of products we use.

Some examples of habits that need to be eliminated are smoking, use of chemical substances, consumption of alcohol and sweetened foods, among others.

Even if some habits are culturally and socially accepted, we need to know that some can cause disease.

As an example, alcohol, which is so present in social life.

In fact, there is no safe level for drinking alcohol.

Even in moderate doses, they increase the risk of cancer, for example.


The main remedy offered by nature and God.

The main component of our body's constitution and, therefore, it is essential that we drink water to meet our daily needs and maintain water balance.

We shouldn't expect to feel thirsty, because thirst is already a warning that our body is in a critical situation in need of water.

It is through water that we have thermal balance, and also a good functioning of the intestine, avoiding kidney calculations, among other problems.

All the chemical processes that happen in our organism need water to happen.

Our body works due to electrical stimuli produced (and received) by the nervous system.

Water has minerals that make it a conductor of electricity.

Therefore, it allows communication between cells and the proper functioning of our systems.

Therefore, drinking water in large quantities is essential to maintain or restore health.


You may know this natural remedy by another name, gratitude, faith or spirituality.

The fact is that, regardless of your religion or belief, several studies show that faith and spirituality are capable of generating direction, meaning and value in our lives, in addition to positively influencing health and healing processes.

The scientific director of a project by the Brazilian Society of Cardiology that studies the relationship between spirituality and medicine, says that “we no longer have doubts that faith contributes to health. We now want to understand better how far its effects go and how it provides them”, says Mario Borba.

We know that faith is our ally in times of difficulty, but in times of peace it also helps us to believe, trust, thank life or God for all our gifts and achievements. A mind that rests its trust in God knows that the next cares of the body will be firmly carried out.

We were able to sleep, be temperate, be grateful and enjoy the greatness of nature such as the sun and water, eating better and being willing to exercise.