Acmella takes care of the Amazon...

and take care of you

Acmella Beauty's Manifest

With our products and services, we want to restore your body's natural laws using simplicity and at the same time the power of nature, learning from it, returning to it, where we understand that we were made to care for and love everything that has life.

Our mission is to be stewards and givers of life and good deeds on this planet.

With Acmella you live simple, live natural.

Acmella is 100%

Research & Development can be divided into four essential activities: basic research; applied research; experimental development and technological innovation.

Many companies outsource these activities, but Acmella has all the control, ensuring the creative potential of the formulas, the efficiency of the processes and the quality of the products.

Our founder is a woman who since childhood has loved using nature for healing.

According to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity:

Biotechnology means any technology that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to manufacture or modify products or processes for specific use."

Acmella understands that just superficial aesthetics is not enough. It is necessary to carry out a whole health reform, where it is necessary to take care of the "inside" first.

That is why it creates products that, in addition to beauty, provide more health and well-being.

The use of these ingredients prevents cosmetics from containing harmful substances for both the organism and the environment, such as plastics and parabens.

Did you know that ink is produced from two characteristics?

They are the pigment that provides the color; and the binder. This joins the pigment so that the paint does not come off the paint.

Pigments can be obtained from chemical substances or from simple elements found in nature.

Acmella only uses pigments from elements obtained from nature, ensuring no toxins or harmful chemicals.

By using sustainable packaging, we also contribute to the health and well-being of the planet, as they reduce our carbon footprints; are biodegradable; can be reused and even recycled; they have a less impactful disposal and do not use harmful toxins.

ECOCERT is an organic certification organization, founded in France in 1991, created to certify mainly food and food products, but also cosmetics, detergents, perfumes and textiles.

Our founder

My name is Mayara Pinheiro and I am a Pharmacist, PhD in Biotechnology.

In 2019 I founded Vida Cosméticos and in 2022 we became a Startup accelerated by the Inova Amazônia project, becoming Acmella Beauty Cosmetics.

The name was inspired by the plant species Acmella oleracea, popularly known as Jambu, a vegetable widely consumed in Amazonian cuisine.

I am a woman who, at the age of 42, reinvented herself by founding Acmella. I was raised in the Amazon, where since I was a child I learned from my mother the beneficial power of regional oils, clays and herbs for health and beauty.

This made me a lover of nature and everything that has life. The entrepreneurial vision came from my husband who also always encouraged me to go further and not just do the same.

Acmella is a lifestyle that seeks to convey a simple, natural and healthy beauty through its products.

Our cosmetics are 100% natural and formulated with oils, butters and extracts from the Amazon.

Today I work in the field of research, development and market positioning of natural cosmetics and innovative scientific phyto-dermocosmetics, scientific consulting and strategic entrepreneurship.

Acceleration partners

Accelerating start-ups serves to help leverage companies that are just starting out, but have great growth potential.

To this end, accelerators invest financial and intellectual capital.

In addition, accelerators help access the market, attract investment, provide mentoring, events and workshops.

These are Acmella Beauty Cosmetics partners and accelerators: