Forbes Magazine

Acmella, by Mayara Gomes, is an example of a bioeconomy that can move billions with its products based on the forest, such as jambu, açaí and mastruz, among...

Inova Amazônia at Germany

International trade mission for small companies in the bioeconomy sector of the Inova Amazônia program.

Sebrae News Agency Amapá (ASN)

Support Service for Micro and Small Companies in Amapá (Sebrae), presents the company in operation, Acmella Beauty...

Blog Sebrae Amapá

Businesses in the digital economy and bioeconomy begin a process of transforming the business profiles that grow with the support of Sebrae in Amapá...

Alyne Kaiser Portal

Created in 2019, under the name of Botica Vida Cosméticos, the idea of setting up the company came from a particular will of the CEO, Mayara Pinheiro, who is a pharmacist...

Blog RHB Informatics

The Sebrae Like a Boss Challenge, an initiative led by SEBRAE in Brazil for 10 years, has become one of the main competitions for startups in Brazil...

Sebrae's Like a Boss Challenge 2022 - Amapá

Participation of Acmella Beauty in the Sebrae Like a Boss 2022 State Challenge (Amapá) where the startup competed with nine more startups from Amapá. After playing with a pitch of 3 minutes, they won  the second place, sharing the podium with Druget (1st) and Engenho Açaí's Coffee(3rd)

Sebrae's Like a Boss - Nacional Challenge

Participation of Acmella Beauty in the National Sebrae Like a Boss Challenge. Acmella Beauty competed with 89 startups from all over Brazil, disputing the semi final that took place at the Startup Summit 2022 event in Florianópolis. The dispute was a duel that would lead to the grand final, which took place in the same event.

Startup Summit 2022 Florianópolis

Grand final of the Sebrae Like a Boss 2022 Challenge at the Startup Summit 2022 Florianópolis event. Acmella Beauty competed with a pitch and a 3-minute question and answer session in English, winning 9th place among the 89 startups in Brazil.

Products Expo Startup Summit 2022

Acmella Beauty exhibiting products at the Startup Summit 2022 event.

Acmella Spa Day September

Acmella Beauty has always cared about the beauty and well being of its customers and friends. Acmella's Spa Day is a time for reflection, relaxation, skin and body care, delicious, healthy food and an encounter with God.

Acmella Spa Day October

At Acmella's Spa Day we offer an incredible day with: foot bath; facial massages; clay therapy and aromatherapy; cupping treatments; relaxing body massage and a healthy and balanced diet with a relaxed moment with music and chat with friends.

Acmella Spa Day December

The last Acmella Spa Day in 2021 was full of body and face care, as well as spiritual and relaxed moments among friends. Eating and living healthy is what we do best! Live the natural.